Whitehall Phase III Housing Development

The US$4,600,000 housing development involves the development of 68 Hectares of land which consist of 590 serviced lots some of which are seeded with housing units as part of the scope of the project. The infrastructure works consist of an electrical distribution system, roadways, potable water distribution systems, storm water drainage system and centralized sewage disposal system
GDM provided the following services:
GDM completed design for a re-lift system from the existing National Water Commission storage reservoir to the Whitehall phase 3 storage reservoir from which potable water is distributed to the development by gravity. Additionally, the water distribution system was modelled (including EPANET analysis) and submission made to NWC for approval of the water supply system and submitted and received NWC approval for the development.

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Housing Agency Of Jamaica Limited


Westmoreland, Jamaica