JAMALCO RSA 5 –Lake Water Return System

Jamalco effected the raising of the lined earthen dykes that form the containment for their red mud tailings residue disposal area 5 by 20ft elevation to create required storage space to receive tailings from the alumina refinery. Consequential to the raising of the dykes, Jamalco required modification to the Lake water return system which involved design of the following:
  • Expansion of access bridge to the floating pontoon that houses the main LWR pumps via a 6ftwx3fthx104ft long truss expansion.
  • Modification of the floating 12” diameter HDPE pipping to pontoon
  • Re-design of the 12” lake water return carbon steel piping
  • Installation of electrical tool winch
  • New mooring winch system for pontoon
GDM provided the following services:
Mechanical & Structural Engineering drawings & specification , BOM ,SOP

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