JAMALCO RSA 5 –Under Drain System

Jamalco effected the raising of the lined earthen dykes that form the containment for their red mud tailings residue disposal area 5 by 20ft elevation to create required storage space to receive tailings from the alumina refinery. Consequential to the raising of the dykes, Jamalco required modification to the under drain system which involved design of the following:
  • Routing of the 8” diameter under drain pump discharge and the 8” diameter drain tank vent line to RSA5 containment from the discharge at RSA5 containment Western dike crest.
  • Upgrading of the Under Drain tank’s secondary containment to meet the current NEPA standards.
  • Construction of a drainage system to prevent flooding of the Under Drain tank’s surrounding area.
  • Reconstruction of access roads to the Under Drain tank’s surrounding area.
  • 3.0m wide x 0.6m deep x79m long trapezoidal concrete lined drain with associated embankment cuts and drainage appurtenances to alleviate existing flooding issue at underdrain tank area.
GDM provided the following services:
Mechanical & Structural Engineering drawings & specification , BOM ,SOP

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